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   Bankruptcy is a legal process that seeks to benefit both debtors and creditors. It allows "fresh starts" on their financial obligations by relieving them of most debts they cannot pay. It also provides that the creditor gets paid through a fair method of compensation.

   Our office will stop harassing calls. Filing for bankruptcy can eliminate your debt and start your financial life off with a clean slate. Our office represents consumer and business debtors. Bankruptcy practice allows us an opportunity to assist people who have fallen on difficult times.


"Debtors are not cheaters or deadbeats. People get laid off or become ill. I've seen the elderly in bankruptcy court who drove up

credit cards buying expensive medicine. It is a chance to level the playing field and to give debtors a fresh start." - Cathy A. Marino


Our office wants to help you get back on track and get you your Fresh Start.

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